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How to Organise a Games Night: 10 Tips for Hosting Fun Parties

Are you looking to plan a fun game night for your friends and family? Whether you're hosting a small get-together or a larger party, organising a game night can be a great way to bring people together and create lasting memories. In this blog post, we'll share some tips and ideas to help you plan and host a successful game night.

1. Choose the Right Games

The first step in planning a game night is to choose the right games. Consider the age and interests of your guests when selecting games. If you're hosting a family-friendly event, choose games that are suitable for all ages. If you're hosting a party for adults, you can choose games that are a little more challenging or risqué.

Some popular game night options include board games like Monopoly, Clue, or Settlers of Catan, card games like Cards Against Humanity or UNO, or party games like charades or Pictionary. You can also choose to include video games, arcade games, or outdoor games like cornhole or horseshoes.

2. Create a Comfortable Environment

The environment you create for your game night can make a big difference in how enjoyable the event is for your guests. Make sure you have comfortable seating, good lighting, and enough space for everyone to move around. If you're playing board games, make sure you have a large enough table for everyone to sit around comfortably.

Consider providing snacks and drinks to keep your guests comfortable and well-fed. Finger foods like chips and dip, popcorn, and veggie trays are great options. You can also provide a variety of beverages, including water, soda, beer, and wine.

3. Plan Ahead

To ensure that your game night runs smoothly, it's important to plan ahead. Make a list of the games you want to play and the supplies you'll need, such as game boards, playing cards, or dice. You can also make a schedule of which games you'll play and when, to keep things organised and on track.

Consider sending out invitations ahead of time, so your guests know when and where the party will be. You can send traditional paper invitations or use online services like Evite or Facebook Events.

4. Set Ground Rules

Before you begin playing games, it's a good idea to set some ground rules to ensure that everyone has a good time. For example, you might establish a "no cell phone" rule to keep everyone engaged in the games. You can also set rules for how long each game will last or how many players can participate at once.

If you're playing games that involve drinking, be sure to set some ground rules around alcohol consumption. You want your guests to have fun, but you also want to make sure everyone stays safe.

5. Encourage Participation

To make your game night a success, it's important to encourage participation from all your guests. Be sure to explain the rules of each game clearly and offer help to anyone who needs it. You can also encourage guests to suggest games they'd like to play or lead a game themselves.

Consider offering prizes or rewards for winners, to make the games more competitive and engaging. You can offer small prizes like candy or gift cards, or create a grand prize for the overall winner of the night.

6. Add a Theme

Adding a theme to your game night can make it more fun and memorable. You can choose a theme based on a specific game or genre, such as a board game theme or a superhero theme. You can also choose a more general theme like a "retro" or "80s" theme.

Encourage your guests to dress up in costumes or clothing that fits the theme, and decorate your space accordingly. You can use decorations like balloons, streamers, and posters to set the mood.

7. Try New Games

If you've hosted game nights before and want to mix things up, consider trying out new games that your guests may not have played before. Look for games that have recently been released, or that are popular in other countries or cultures. You can also look for games that have unique twists or rules to keep things interesting.

8. Create Teams

Creating teams can be a great way to encourage teamwork and socializing among your guests. You can create teams randomly or allow guests to choose their own teams. Consider mixing up the teams after each game to keep things fresh.

9. Incorporate Technology

If you're hosting a tech-savvy crowd, consider incorporating technology into your game night. There are many smartphone apps that can be used to play games, such as Heads Up, Jackbox Games, or QuizUp. You can also use a smart speaker or voice assistant to play music or provide sound effects during games.

10. Keep it Fun

Above all, it's important to keep your game night fun and enjoyable for everyone. Don't take the games too seriously, and be sure to allow for breaks and downtime for guests to socialize and catch up.

Remember that the goal of game night is to bring people together and create lasting memories. By following these tips and ideas, you can host a successful game night that your guests will love.


Lanae Bond
Lanae Bond
Apr 12, 2023

Me and my family enjoy playing games, so they tips are very appreciated.


Fadima Mooneira
Fadima Mooneira
Apr 12, 2023

Having a game night is sooooo fun. Too bad most Malaysians aren’t into board games. Huhuh…


Apr 12, 2023

Very interesting read. Great tips and advice! I love hosting a Just Dance party, always goes well and everyone enjoys it 🫶

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